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HQ Ossining, NY Showcase Saugerties, NY
HQ Ossining, NY Showcase Saugerties, NY
Bespoke Lodging Cabins Designed & Fabricated on Demand Available Now / East Coast US & Europe
Why we do what we do

"we want to build the same resort as the one next door"

Never have we heard this in our two decades long hospitality design experience

We design and fabricate custom prefab cabins, ideally suited as lodging solutions for the sustainable expansion of the destination tourism in nature settings.

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micro, tiny & small cabins

We custom design and fabricate cabins for multiple orders only. You can purchase a single unit through miniPREFAB platform.

Path 310 Prefabrication Options

Cabins are either assembled on-site from kit of parts panels and modular prefabricated segments, or brought on site as fully prefabricated units.

Group 203 Price Range

Our panelized system starts at $150 per/sqft, to $450 per/sqft for full prefabrication.

Path 304 Key Benefits

We are neither less nor more costly than comparable conventional building methods. We create savings in time gained during construction to expedite your project’s cash flow.

Love at first sight, or on second thought?

We like to work with brands who strive to be unique


We are the best fit for hospitality brands whose goal is to provide guests with an understated luxury experience, who are mindful of their environmental footprint, and are at least just a tiny bit eccentric.

Talking about eccentric

Check out July/August issue of DWELL magazine, featuring miniMAX’s prototype in the “Budget Breakdown” editorial section.

Custom Interiors, in all their pink glory, are by Potts Projects

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Prototype Models from our Network

miniPREFAB Platform


miniPREFAB is B2C, individual products sales platform consisting of three B2B companies, miniMAX, miniFLEX & miniMASS, each one with different niche target market, from hospitality sector, secondary residential markets, to affordable housing.

The miniPREFAB platform enables individual buyers to purchase single products from each company.


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Yep, It's Love at First Sight

“This doesn’t look like a prefab”

is the most common reaction to our cabins when viewed in person


miniMAX Prototype / elle400

01 Yes, Please
02 This is us, THE boring architects
03 And this is you…you, you
04 Us again…trying desperately
05 Nah, it’s all good!
06 Pink Glow

miniMAX Difference

Design Flexibility

We do not work off predesigned models and layouts, but rather based on decades long experience in hospitality design.

Church-Street-Case-Study Detailing & Materiality

miniMAX cabins posses exquisite architectural detailing and are made from top quality materials.

Wide Market Outreach

With fabrication capabilities in US and Europe, miniMAX can cover wide market area.

Group 211

Turnkey Solutions, Locations, & Services


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I want MANY

We can provide custom cabin solutions for a real estate or hospitality industry entrepreneurs


We are network of companies with focus on design, fabrication, and sales of prefab products