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HQ Ossining, NY Showcase Saugerties, NY
HQ Ossining, NY Showcase Saugerties, NY


miniMAX belongs to a network of companies with focus on design, fabrication, and sales of prefab products

Local Presence / Global Impact

About Network

All companies within the network are co-founded, and majority owned, by Jonus Ademovic & Christos Athanasiou, as an extension of their two decades long partnership in NYC based Architectural Design Studio. The companies are independently managed and have diversified shareholder structure. The network’s main goal is to have efficient, localized and narrowly focused organizational & management structure for each respective company, with an added benefit of shared know-how and wider market outreach potential.

Organizational Chart

Network Members

1. Products Design & Prototype Development


2. Prefab Manufacturing & Construction


3. Product Placement and Sales Platforms

miniPREFAB, Offside & miniPREFAB+


Prefab Products Sales Platforms


miniPREFAB is a prefab products sales platform consisting of three companies, miniMAX, miniMASS & miniFLEX, with capability to utilize diversified prefab fabrication methods and ability to address the needs of various niche markets, from hospitality sector, secondary residential markets, to affordable housing. All companies share the same ownership and management structure.

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Prefab Manufacturing & Construction


Buildsy Micro Manufacturing is Westchester, NY based prefab manufacturer and specialized Construction Company which is capable of fabricating in variety of prefabrication methods, from Modular, Kit of Parts Panelized Systems to Tiny Cabins on Wheels. Buildsy offers turnkey solutions within 100 miles driving radius from its facility in NY, covering most of larger NYC Metro Area. Modular Prefab Components can be transported within 300 miles radius. For projects in Europe and beyond, Buildsy has forged strategic partnership with STECO, reputable prefab manufacturer.

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Prefab Products Design & Development


ARCHIPELAGOS is NYC based Architecture & Interior Design Studio, with over two decades of experience. Currently it serves as design studio in charge of designing prefab products and development of prototypes for miniPREFAB platform companies, Buildsy Micro Manufacturing projects, and Offside hospitality brands. For hospitality projects it can offer services beyond product design, such as Initial Concept, Master-Planning and overall Architectural & Interior Design. ARCHIPELAGOS is not undertaking commissions for projects outside of its network.

Hospitality Incubator


Offside is a privately owned and funded incubator which serves as the launching pad for transformative hospitality brands positioned at unique intersection of design, real estate, prefab industry and e-commerce. It is owned and co-founded by Jonus Ademovic & Christos Athanasiou.

Real Estate Investment & Development


Hudson Valley , Catskills & Berkshires  

With our modern design and construction efficiency, miniPREFAB+ homes are the perfect solution for urbanites of all ages looking for a vacation, starter, or forever home. We are offering miniPREFAB+ homes in a turnkey development packages, including the land.

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