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HQ Ossining, NY Showcase Saugerties, NY
HQ Ossining, NY Showcase Saugerties, NY
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Product Info

Standard Order to Delivery Timeline is 4-6 months

Timeline & Payment schedule

01 xx weeks
Process your order 40% deposit

Product Selection & Defining Details

02 4 weeks
Fabrication 30% upon completion

Our factory fabricates all elements of your miniMAX

03 4 weeks
Delivery 20% prior to delivery

We get your miniMAX from the factory to your site

04 4 weeks
Assembly & install

We ensure construction is stress and hassle free

05 typically 4 months total start to finish.
Final walkthrough 10% Final Payment

Make sure everything works and hand over the keys.

Construction & Assembly

01 Final Site Work
02 Façade Layer
03 Shell
04 Placing of the panels
05 Panels hoisted in places

Kit of Parts

Check out our miniMAX manual to help guide you through a successful project

Kit of parts
Kit-of-Parts_Shell Shell

Shell Kit contains all of the cabin's exterior walls, façade finishes, interior partitions, doors and windows. Great for developers who wish to finish the interior to their liking and bottom line.

Kit-of-Parts_Interiors Interior

Upgrade the Shell Kit to include all interior finishes, fixtures, and appliances needed to complete the cabin. Interior Kit upgrade ensures hassle free and time saving building process.

Kit-of-Parts_Furniture Furniture

Upgrade Interior Kit to a curated furnished and decorated cabin with commercial application in mind. Furniture Kit upgrade works for hospitality entrepreneurs who share our vision and aesthetic and who want to benefit from our sourcing capabilities.

Fabrication Capabilities

Kit of Parts Panel

Panels are prefabricated offsite and assembled onsite, which reduces in half onsite construction time. It is a preferred method for miniMAX projects, as it allows the most flexibility while designing custom cabins. Kit of Parts can be shipped and land-transported to any location in relative vicinity to the Container Port.

Fully Prefabricated Units

Cabins are fully prefabricated offsite and transported onsite in one piece. This is the most efficient construction method and the site’s accessibility and ability to accommodate larger equipment is crucial for its implementation. Transportation logistics limits cabins maximum sizes and their market outreach.

Modular Prefab System

Individual Modules are fully prefabricated offsite and assembled onsite like pieces of the puzzle. This is the most suitable construction method for larger and standardized cabins. Transportation logistics, maximum sizes and market outreach limitations are similar to those for fully prefabricated units.


Availability x Size_Micro Micro Cabin 150 - 250sf

Perfect for "adults only" and  couple's resorts and retreats are oftentimes sold as a full package along with custom built-in furniture and finishes.

Availability x Size_Tiny Tiny Cabin 250 - 400sf

Ideal logging solution for hospitality establishments which require flexible units capable of accommodating variety of guest scenarios.

Availability x Size_Small Small Cabin 400 - 1200sf

Suitable for family style resorts, collective retreats or vacation communities which are based on homeownership model.


Pitched Roof Assembly
Wall Assembly