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HQ Ossining, NY Showcase Saugerties, NY
HQ Ossining, NY Showcase Saugerties, NY

peek x HAF


miniMAX has established a strategic partnership with HAF, a European brand of getaway cabins, for the placement and sales of their products on the US market.

HAF is a decidedly youthful lifestyle brand created around a Half-A-Frame concept manifested primarily in its namesake, and proprietary, cabin typology. HAF is much more than just a lodging concept, it is a global community created around the shared love of nature exploration and its preservation.

HAF Micro Cabins have minimal footprints and small volumes with large bay windows that provide uniquely framed views. Products are best optimized when grouped together and used for short-term stays. They will not be available for singular purchases, only in larger quantities (3+), with commercial use in mind. They are not conceived as mass-produced products and will have to be ordered at least 6 months in advance.

HAF is lifestyle brand by startup incubator and our Network affiliate, Offside

Orders will start in the summer of 2024.

peek 200sf
peek 300sf
peek 150sf
1. Deck, 2. Living/Sleeping/Dining, 3. Bathroom, 4. Loft
peek 200

PEEK 200 x MTVLC has a small footprint and is most suitable for rough terrain, campgrounds, and other hospitality-based transient uses.

peek 300

PEEK 300 x MTVLC is the larger model in the PEEK series and is suitable for hosting a larger group of family or friends, as a standalone suite for hospitality establishments.

peek 150

PEEKOLO is a hybrid of three quintessential typologies: a tent, “cabin in the woods” and “A-frame”. Initially designed in 2016 as a part of a private hospitality project, PEEKOLO is being reintroduced through AZA as a product available to the public.

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