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HQ Ossining, NY Showcase Saugerties, NY
HQ Ossining, NY Showcase Saugerties, NY

elle x miniMAX


elle is ideal for the great outdoors and was developed with flexibility and adaptability to site, environment, and the end user in mind across its models. Elle encompasses many different uses from standalone low maintenance tiny home to pool house to accessory dwelling unit. Multiple facade options provide just the right amount of comfort, privacy, and security while the unique appearance gives it appeal that makes a solid small investment opportunity that’s easy to rent long or short term.

elle 250sf
elle 300sf
elle 400sf
1. Living/Sleeping, 2. Living, 3. Kitchen, 4. Bathroom, 5. Deck, 6. Sleeping Loft, 7. W/D closet, 8. Flex Use
elle 250

Our most compact elle has just the right amount of space. It’s an ideal ADU solution with a tiny footprint that makes this home feasible on nearly any plot, terrain, or rear yard.

elle 300

The covered outdoor deck is this model’s most unique feature. It’s a perfect space to enjoy inside/outside lifestyle rain or shine. The deck is a flexible setting for multiple outdoor uses and activities that seamlessly extends and complements the interior of the home.

elle 400

Designed for simplicity and functionality. The visual and physical connections of space along the outdoor deck and high sloping ceilings create a lofty and airy environment that make this home feel anything but tiny.

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