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HQ Ossining, NY Showcase Saugerties, NY
HQ Ossining, NY Showcase Saugerties, NY

Turnkey Solutions, Locations, & Services

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We currently provide a full range of services and provide you with a finished product in select NY & MA counties in the Catskills, Hudson Valley, Long Island and The Berkshires. Your time is valuable. We will do it all for a hassle and stress free experience.


Turnkey – DIY

We fill the cost vs time gap that works best with your budget and schedule through our range of products and services. Services range from turnkey for hands off to DIY for hands on individuals.

DIY + Services

This allows you to finish any part of the home on your own or with a contractor of your choosing. We will only help with what you need us to.


For all other areas in the US we provide our products and consulting on product assembly by one of our experts. Our products come with complete assembly instructions. It’s up to you to bring in all the trades to finish the home to code and manage your project and put on the finishing touches.

Direct Services

  • Consulting
  • Site Assessment
  • Assembly Expertise
  • Project Management
  • Find you property

Indirect Services/Owner Representation

Obtain Permits

It’s always best to hire a local professional who is familiar with town rules and regulations.

Site Prep

Grading, Foundation

Hire Contractor

We currently have a team trained in our kit assembly but we can work with a contractor of your choosing so you don’t have to.